The Garry Dog

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   This pattern is reputed to have been born in a tackle shop where a visiting minister was asked for some hair from his accompanying Golden Retriever’s tail. This was used to form part of the wing of a fly being tied in the premises. Nowadays a substitute of yellow bucktail or similar hair is used for this part of the wing. The name of the dog was supposedly Garry hence the name Garry dog.

   Others say it was the ministers name hence Garry’s dog I sometimes wonder if it has connections with the River Garry in the Scottish Highlands. Regardless of its origin the Garry Dog has taken many Salmon and Trout and it is a very successful fly.

Materials are as follows:
Throat hackle      


Oval silver tinsel  
Yellow floss 
A yellow crest from a golden pheasant 
Black floss silk  
Oval silver tinsel  
Dyed blue guinea fowl or blue jay 
Red Bucktail or red hair(one third) with yellow bucktail or yellow hair(two thirds) over the top.  
Red or black is used to finish the head
   This one looks good on singles or doubles and can also make a very effective tube fly or Waddington shank The latter two varying in length, with tubes from a very short ¼ inch to 3 inches or more being quite useful. The tube above in the picture is a heavy copper tube 2½ inches in length not including the hook, with the hair-wing extending well beyond 3 inches.

   Tie in the tag of Oval silver tinsel followed by the butt of yellow floss. Next comes a nicely curved yellow crest for the tail. Note there is normally no crest tail or yellow floss tag on tubes and waddingtons although you could try it and see. The black floss forms a nice even body which is ribbed with oval silver tinsel. A blue throat of guinea fowl or jay makes a false beard, a full beard can be dressed if desired by winding on the jay or the guinea fowl feather. A bunch of red bucktail is tied in with yellow bucktail over to make the wing. Finish off with a red or a black head depending on your own preference.

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